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7 Elements to A/B Test on your landing page

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Checking A/B on your landing pages is very much important and is not so easy. It can aptly be considered as a science and an art. Generally, people depend on their expectations, experience and other factors in deciding what can work better for their targeted customers. The marketing department of a company, including management, designers, and specialists will be involved in deciding these factors.

Elements to Test on your landing page

But rather than expecting what it works, it is better to test different things to find the best one. Real time testing will be the best process to know what can work for your landing pages. Following is the list of seven essential elements to be considered while designing landing pages: Main headline: It should be the best. It should contain a name of main products or services. It is the first thing that people look at when they visit your site.

Hence, it should be the best one to impress the customers. Call to Action: This is where you can convert the visitors into prospective customers. The effectiveness of ‘Call to Action’ is the most important thing which can decide your conversion goal.

The sales pitch should be high for content. It is shortly called as CTA and can be developed only by experienced and expert writers. Images: It is already a known fact that images speak a thousand words. You can use different photos of your products or service to be placed on your landing pages.

Try to use different variations of the photos and test which one is getting the better response. Design of the Button: The designing of the button should be done with utmost care. Standard designing principles are to be followed in this process.

Try to make the button in the bigger size. Take proper care about contrast, size and white space of the button and ensure that it is in accordance with the design of CTA.The color of the Button: Coloring of the button will play the great role in connecting to the prospective customers.

For instance, blue color can be used for links, green color for go and red or orange color for emotional reactions. The length of the form: Always try to minimize the number of fields that the visitors have to enter.

One might feel bored or annoyed to see a huge number of fields to be filled in the forms. Shorty copy and long copy:  Generally, shot copies will be better and will be interesting for the visitor to read. But in the case of some products, longer copies might be preferred and might be useful for visitors in taking a decision. Try different styles and sizes of content and stick on to the one which works better.

Make sure to implement these seven elements for improving your landing pages. It would help in attaining greater conversion ratio. Also, don’t confine to these seven elements, just try whatever you feel would bring more sales. What works for others might not work for you, and what works for you might not work for others.