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The Cookers- Gas and Electrical

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Eating is necessary for survival, and so cooking too is an inextricable part of the human life. Man has upgraded himself from cooking over wood and having roasted food to cooking over flame and enjoying a meal, and now it is time to cook over electromagnetic waves too. The induction cook top is this recent revolution in the world of cooking and a buzz that is catching up with every household and commercial food companies alike. The NuWave Oven is one of the best ones available in the market known for its ultimate efficiency and precision in the ability to cook food.

Since the evolution through various mediums of cooking, the choice between a gas and an electrical cooker has long been a dilemma for most cooks. It becomes hard to decide which the better option is. If you speak about the installation of either, the gas cooker requires some extra cash while the electrical cooker goes easier on the pocket. So, what you need to be clear about is whether you want to save some money or not, if yes, then the electrical hob such as the induction cooker is your pick.

Cookers- Gas and Electrical

For those who are a little jittery about matching your cooking hob with the rest of your kitchen’s décor will need to do a lot of thinking because a gas hob has uneven surface which gives it a bulky look, while the electrical hob has more of sleek and neat look. Also in terms of cleaning the electrical hob is easier to clean than a gas fuelled one. The glass top of the electrical fuelled hob is the reason behind this ease.

The size of the cook top plays a key role in this cleaning process, the NuWave Oven is a good example of this. Its round shape and not so bulky structure makes it a rather easy surface to clean and maintain the kitchen hygiene. But what needs to be analysed with utmost priority is the ability to cook. This is the most difficult part, because though there are two fuel types- the gas and the electrical; there are four hob types to choose from – the Gas, Ceramic, Induction and the Solid Plate.

While some cooking is ideal for the gas burner, there are others that are ideal for the electrical burner. For instance, the use of a wok can be done with the traditional gas fuelled hob because of the ability of the flames to embrace the different curves of the wok efficiently, thereby, distributing the heat evenly all through the food. The electrical hob such as the induction cook top, on the other hand is ideal for stir fry and flat bottom cook ware.

Now, if you go to consider the safety criterion, then the induction is the safest, hands down! The technology behind the induction cook top does not allow the hob to reach the temperature the cookware or rather the contents of the cookware reach. This makes it less prone to getting burnt and helps in avoiding accidents.

Food will always be important for all humans and with every passing day more novel technology with evolve making the cooking experience not one of trouble but one of enjoyment.